A Crew Leader is a volunteer who dedicates 12 days out of the year to help lead crews on Habitat Suffolk’s worksites.  Whether you volunteer once a month, every two weeks, or all 12 days in a row, you are actively making a commitment to Habitat Suffolk’s crew leader program, a program that is essential for running our worksites in an organized and safe manner.

Crew Leaders work with small groups of volunteers (1-4) completing assigned tasks, maintaining quality control in a diplomatic manner, keeping volunteers involved, and troubleshooting.  The position requires a desire to learn the construction process and teach others how to proceed with a task.

We encourage all volunteers to become a part of the Crew Leader Program!  Once you submit your application, attend a Crew Leader Orientation and complete 4 volunteer days, you'll receive a "CREW LEADER" Habitat t-shirt as a way to distinguish you on site and recognize you as an integral part of the program!  Please contact Steph, Manager of Partnerships and Communications at Steph@habitatsuffolk.org to sign up!

CLICK HERE To Download the Crew Leader Application

Friday, March 24, 2017