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The five pillars of Veterans Build:

  1. Building - Safe, decent, affordable housing is the centerpiece of Veterans Build. In many communities, we are expanding programs to maintain and preserve homes and make them more energy-efficient and affordable. 
  2. Employment - We value skill sets gained from military service. We recruit veterans to work at Habitat as employees, board members, extended volunteers, National Service members, interns and fellows.
  3. Volunteer engagement - We provide volunteer experiences that bring together veterans, military families and their neighbors. These experiences help bridge the gap and ease the transition to civilian life with fulfilling community engagement.
  4. Education - We offer financial education and financial literacy programs. Our programs support successful homeownership among veteran and military homeowners. We also train Habitat employees and community volunteers throughout the U.S. to better understand the military culture. This increases our effectiveness in interacting with veterans and military families.
  5. Honor - Throughout the year, we host special events that pay tribute to veterans, raise awareness and mobilize volunteers.

Is Habitat Home-Ownership Right For Me?

Does this sound familiar?:

  • Are you paying too much for rent?
  • Are you tired of dealing with unreliable landlords?
  • Do you want to purchase your own simple, decent, affordable home?
  • Do you qualify for a mortgage, but not enough to purchase a home that meets your family’s needs?


we can help.

what we offer

  • A monthly house payment you can afford.
  • Homebuyer education as part of our purchasing process.
  • Help with every step toward homeownership.
  • A safe, affordable home you can call your own.





who is eligible? 

  • Must be a first time home buyer.
  • Must be a current resident of Suffolk County, for at least 12 months, or currently work in Suffolk County, for at least 12 months.
  • Must be able to qualify for the mortgage to purchase.
  • Must receive regular, verifiable income. 
  • Must have, and be able to provide $1500 deposit upon partnership approval. 
  • Must be a US Veteran, with honorable discharge. 


applicants must demonstrate 3 main criteria:

1. the need for housing.
Defined as one (or more) of the following:
  • Your rent is not affordable (a.k.a. - You're currently paying more than 30% of your income toward housing.)
  • Poorly made, unhealthy, or inadequate housing.
  • Living in housing that is inaccessible for your disabilities.
  • Your home is damaged by natural disasters.
  • You have other shelter needs.
2. the ability to pay
  • A steady income for the last 2 years. 
  • Credit with no liens or judgments. 
  • Ability to qualify for a mortgage with a licensed lending institution.
3. the willingness to partner
  • Participate in 42 hours of Home Buyer education.
  • Complete 48 Hours of Community Service
  • Contribute 300 hours of “sweat equity”
  • Commit to owner occupancy, and other partnership requirements



Monday, October 19, 2020